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Meet the Island Arts Gallery artists

The gallery is currently showcasing a selection of artworks from a variety of local artists that have a deep connection to the island.
All artists welcome commissioned work.

Principle Artists


Paula Boo is a fibre artist, singer/songwriter and terrestrial ecologist whose art and music take inspiration from her life’s experience immersed in the natural beauty of the Island and soulful connection to community. Paula first arrived on Minjerribah/Terangerri (North Stradbroke Island) in 1989 as a backpacker from Canada and she has called the Island her home since 1992. Living on Minjerribah/Terangerri (North Stradbroke Island) provides her with the inspiration and motivation to continue her growth and evolution as an artist, musician and ecologist. Paula aspires to continue her creative journey of weaving across various cultures, sharing knowledge with others while learning new techniques and enabling contemporary expressions of weaving as a vital art form. Boo weaves with a soulful, honest and powerful style which is distinctive and unforgettable


Julie Sisco is a photographer who captures magical moments and vistas of the Island, specializing in creating seascape, landscape and nature inspired photographic wall art pieces. Through sharing the fleeting moments of nature, she creates images that aim to reconnect the viewer back to the wonders of the natural environment. Using emotive and visually appealing imagery, Julie evokes a sense of peace, as if the viewer is experiencing the scene before them. Julie encourages questioning the narrative of the moment, the place, and its meaning. Julie Sisco has lived on Minjerribah/Terangerri (North Stradbroke Island) for 20 years.  The natural beauty of the island has inspired her to complete a diploma of photography in 2010 and continue to experiment with the photographic form.


Contributing  Artists


Award winning ceramicist, Mandy Roe practices ceramics through an Australian interpretation that reflects on the imagery and the emotions associated with her childhood viewing the masterful beauty of Taiwanese art. Her works are the confluence of the ecological state of the Earth, the channelling of the masterful artisanal spirits of her Taiwanese ancestors, the never-ending journey of observation, expression, learning and her own self-discovery as an artist.



Lisa Iselin is a mixed-media artist who has been inspired for many years by the unique and powerful natural environment of Minjerribah/Terangerri (North Stradbroke Island). The therapeutic value of colour also informs Lisa’s creations. Her signature label, Sundog Designs, expresses a playful and colourful collection of hand-painted fabrics and homewares. Lisa hand-paints each individual cloth on organic calico cotton. The artworks on display at Island Arts Gallery include original, hand-painted tablecloths, bedspreads, couch covers, wall hangings, lamp shades, and cards. 



Growing up with a variety of artistic family influences, Tamara Armstrong has been exposed to the arts and has been a ‘maker’ for as long as she can remember. She paints to understand her life and her cultural heritage as she lives it, discovering and redefining her identity as both an Australian and Pacific Islander woman. Her series of acrylic on linen paintings showing at ‘Island Arts Gallery’ were created and inspired by a recent residency at Minjerribah (North Stradbroke Island). Tamara Armstrong is based permanently at Tamborine Mountain in the Gold Coast hinterland and her home studio takes in lush valley views across to the sand dunes of magical Minjerribah (North Stradbroke Island). Armstrong is an award-winning artist whose work is highly collectible, hanging internationally in private collections as well as across commercial spaces and private collections here in Australia.



‘Straddie’ stole Meredith’s heart 54 years ago when her family bought a simple fishing shack in Amity. That love affair never waned, and 5 years ago she realised her dream of living part-time on the Island. Meredith’s artistic inspiration comes from the colour, light and vibrancy of island life, and her extensive travels through Asia - the Indonesian Batiks and Ikat weavings, the minimalist aesthetic of Japanese linens, Shiburi and Indigo dyes, and the stunning colours and designs of Indian and African prints. From these influences, Meredith creates eclectic lamp shades, using fabrics sourced locally and internationally, from eco-dyed fabrics handmade by artists on the Sunshine Coast, to screen-printed and block-printed linens imported from Italy, Hawaii and Finland. The lampshades displayed at the gallery have been carefully selected to catch your eye and your imagination.



Island Child Designs is a children’s wear label, designed and made on Minjerribah (North Stradbroke Island). Founder and owner, Amanda Richardson works out of her small studio at Point Lookout. She started making garments for her two young sons, which expanded to friend’s children, then launched her own clothing label at the Point Lookout Community Market in 2017. Amanda is passionate about using natural fibre materials, slow fashion and handmade goods. Styles and prints are simple yet practical, and are inspired by Island living, and the flora and fauna of the local environment.




Renata Buziak is a biochrome artist, researcher, educator, and ECO Harmony Guide, who is passionate about physically engaging nature and organic processes in her interdisciplinary practice, and helping people reconnect with the natural world. Renata's recent PhD (QCA, Griffith University) focused on Australian native medicinal plants in consultation with Quandamooka community members on Minjerribah (North Stradbroke Island). Her other projects include healing plants of her native Poland, Granite Belt wildflowers, and bush tucker of the Blue Mountains. Renata’s award-winning biochrome art has been exhibited in solo and group exhibitions, nationally and internationally and is held in private and public collections around the world. Based on Minjerribah and Brisbane, Renata spends much of her time on Minjerribah where she holds artist workshops for children and adults. 



Kathy Townsend is a marine scientist and artist who uses the traditional printing technique of Gyotaku, a technique originally used by Japanese fishermen to take exact impressions of the fish they had caught. Fish impressions are printed on shoji paper - a traditional Japanese "rice" paper made from treated mulberry leaves.  As a nod to its Japanese heritage, Kathy uses a Hanko seal and as a nod to the European heritage, a rubber stamp that records the details of the fish that was printed, including the species name, date, location and other notes about the fish. It is particularly important to her that no fish were caught specifically to make her art. Instead, each fish was either caught for food or was printed after their use from a scientific study. Kathy considers that each print is a small commemoration to an animal who has provided the ultimate sacrifice.



Penny Gillespie is a contemporary jeweller and silversmith who lives and creates on Minjerribah (North Stradbroke Island). At Curly Red Dog Studio, Penny creates individually handcrafted pieces inspired by the ever-changing colours, textures, light and sounds of Minjerribah (North Stradbroke Island). Penny draws on the bird and marine life, the land formations and plants she sees in her local environment. Penny works mainly with silver, enamel and copper and also collects interesting bits and pieces from the beaches, thoughtfully incorporating them into her work. Each of Penny’s art pieces is completely unique. 



Bernadette is a visual artist whose work is inspired by the beautiful island she lives on, Minjerribah (North Stradbroke Island). Her work aims to communicate the spirit she feels is imbued in the fauna and flora, beaches, lakes and creeks. Bernadette believes it is a privilege to walk on and spend time within Quandamooka Country. She is incredibly grateful for the cultural learning she has undertaken through the guidance of Quandamooka Elders and mentors, since coming to the island as a teacher in 1993.  Her artwork seeks to reflect this learning in her keen observations of nature which aim to promote caring for country. 

Bernadette predominantly uses watercolor and acrylic mediums on paper, canvas and wooden surfaces to explore her chosen subject matter. Bernadette’s love of creating began with the inspiration of artist parents Steve and Alice Mollison. Later she studied Secondary Art Teaching, QUT and a Bachelor of Visual Arts with Honours, Queensland College of Art and has been a secondary school Visual Arts teachers for 30 years. Bernadette has been involved in diverse arts collaborations on Minjerribah including The Lantern and Music Festival, Pigface Artist Cooperative, Island Vibe – Children’s Space, Public Art and Open Days at the UQ Moreton Bay Research Station, the SELC Artist in Residence Program and the Minjerribah Arts Trail, and is excited to be a new exhibitor in the Island Arts Gallery. 

artist Bernadette Mollison


Dale Ruska started Goenpul Woodworks in 1990, producing Aboriginal arts, crafts, furniture and turned wooden bowls (self taught).  Dale, a Goenpul Goori, original First Nation owner of Terangerri (North Stradbroke Island), Moreton Bay and surrounding islands, has lived most of his life on Terangerri between Moopi Moopi Pa (One Mile) and Goompi (Dunwich). Following Dale’s carpentry apprenticeship 1984-1988 in Brisbane, he returned to Terangerri to live, marry and raise his three children. 

Born in 1967, Dale was raised by his Great Grandparents, mother and family within a kinship structure. He was taught by his ancestors to respect and accept the value, obligations and responsibilities of his being and meaning as a Goenpul Jandawal First Nations Sovereign Goori. Dale is a firm believer of, and is committed to, the needs and understanding of proper justice for the Original First Nations peoples, and acceptance and protection of their tribal lands.

Dale's beautiful hand-turned and polished works are made at Moopi Moopi Pa on Terangerri  from sustainably collected timbers, using only dead or previously fallen trees. 

Indigenous artist Dale Ruska holds woodturned bowls made from island cypress trees


Award-winning Stradbroke Island photographers Angie Simms and Stuart Quinn have roamed the world with their cameras in hand.

 Between them they’ve backpacked overland from the United Kingdom to Australia, camped in a ger in the Gobi Desert in Mongolia and in a leaky tent on the side of a cliff in Wales, gone shooting with Hells Angels and travelled platzkart class through Russia on the Trans Siberian Railway. They’ve even downed homemade corn wine and helped eat the dowry of six pigs at a wedding in the mountains of Vietnam.

 They bought a cute little beach shack in Amity and settled on beautiful North Stradbroke Island to run their photography business Stradbroke Island Photography and written this book ‘Eat, Drink and Be Straddie’ along the way. Life is good.

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We acknowledge and pay our respects to the Traditional Custodians of this beautiful island of Minjerribah/Terangerri (North Stradbroke Island), the Quandamooka people, their Elders past and present and upcoming, and their continual connection to land, waters and community.

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