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Amber Vicum

Jewellery designer and maker - Seed Tree


Amber has spent over 20 years honing her craft as a jeweller of seed, shells and precious stones. As a long-time local resident and regular local marketeer on the Island, she continues to evolve her work from the natural materials she collects from the Island and around Australia. She is passionate about developing unique designs using a variety of seeds and gemstones. Some of the seeds grow on Straddie and others come with the ocean’s currents and are washed up onto the beach. Amber grew up in north-east Victoria on the Ovens River. She has always had a strong connection to nature and felt completely at home in the Australian bush. She first arrived on Minjerribah/North Stradbroke Island in 2000 whilst on a trip travelling around Australia in her van. She came for a week and ended up staying on and calling the Island her home. Amber is moving on from the gallery from October, and you will be able to find Amber and her beautiful jewellery at the Point Lookout Markets.

0438 729 159

Seed Tree

Seed Tree

Seed jewellery earrings by Amber Vicum of Seed Tree at the Island Arts Gallery
necklace and earrings with red seed tree beads and blue beadsearrings bracelet and bead necklace and necklace with burnie bean pendant by Amber Vicum Seed Treenecklace with red seed beads and natural beads and earrings with silver beads and red seed tree beadsearrings by Amber Vicum with nicker nut native seeds and pale green beadsneckalces by Amber Vicum using native seeds along with beads and cord to create beautiful necklaces and jewellery
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Jewellery Designer - Seed Tree
Island Arts Gallery logo North Stradbroke Island

9 Ballow Road, Goompi (Dunwich)
Minjerribah/Terangerri (North Stradbroke Island)


We acknowledge and pay our respects to the Traditional Custodians of this beautiful island of Minjerribah/Terangerri (North Stradbroke Island), the Quandamooka people, their Elders past and present and upcoming, and their continual connection to land, waters and community.

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